1. Wehaa Content Management System
    Our CMS was made for the publishing industry. Built from the ground up, our cloud-based, user-friendly interface makes it simple and fast to generate content for web, mobile devices, tablets, and apps in one place.
    Flex pages
    Pick from dozens of modules to create options branded for your site, then add, remove, resize, and rearrange them easily. Create pages, micro-sites, and side columns in minutes with no html or technical knowledge required.
    Pick between quick-post options and a complete Add New form packed with features including SEO and embedded slideshows. Posting is easy on the go and in a hurry with features like Send by Email, Future Dating, and a mobile-friendly CMS.
    Articles and Blogs engine
    Compatible with the Npaper digital edition system, content from print issues can be imported from Npaper and formatted as site articles with a few clicks. (requires Npaper account)
    Import Articles
    Custom Ad Targeting
    Choose what ads show where in your site with absolute control. Key ad positions like leaderboards can subdivided by section or subsection. Create custom side columns for different engines or sections in site, default to the home page, or mix and match.
    Your site automatically resizes and reorders the content of your pages for the best viewing experience on every screen, no matter what size or orientation.
    Responsive Design
    This system ensures a faster loading site while giving you the control to clear the site cache immediately if needed.
    Event calendars and Business/Dining directories stand out with multi-media rich pages that include maps, geolocation-based directions, reviews, social sharing, and more. Other upsellable options include featured events and venues, photo galleries, and embedded video.
    Reverse Publishing
    Multimedia engine
    Bands engine
    Tap into the music scene with a user-content driven bands engine where musicians can create profiles, upload songs and photos, and post updates about their latest news.
    Capture the traffic generated by your videos and photo galleries by hosting your multimedia in site. Embedded videos from your YouTube or Vimeo channel create a searchable, sortable directory. Manage unlimited photo galleries. Every photo and video page features sharing, commenting, and rating options for maximum social experience.
    Export your Event Calendars and Directory Listings for use in your print publication. Custom presets let you export your content in unlimited combinations. Change your exported fields, order, and even punctuation in seconds. Supported formats include In Design xml, Xtags, Newsgate, and plain .TXT. (requires E&P Engine)
    Survey engine
    Contests engine
    Run a short poll or quickly roll out a massive Best Of for desktop, mobile (HTML5 and iTunes app), and Facebook. Easily monetized through advertising on all devices, surveys are custom-branded with options that let you build the survey you need.
    Build brand excitement with our simple-to-use contest engine. Custom signup forms let you control the information entrants are asked to submit or agree to, including Terms of Service and newsletter signup. Entries from your site and Facebook are combined automatically, and one click selects a random winner.
    Choose from in-site commenting, Facebook commenting, or Disqus commenting systems. Each option has built-in social media sharing opportunities.
    Your readers can log into Facebook on site for a more social experience. Users can see which articles their friends have read and rsvp for events on Facebook.
    Facebook Open Graph
    Share from the Control Panel
    Your back end control panel can be connected directly to your official Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In accounts. Admins can quickly share content without leaving the page.
    Facebook Apps
    Built out your brand in your Facebook page with custom apps that utilize your site and digital edition content. Users can fill out forms and surveys directory in-app and click through to your site content that interests them. All apps have banner ad space to monetize your help Facebook content. Options include Survey Apps, Contest Apps, Digital Edition App, Events Calendar Apps, Blog Apps, Subscription Apps, Games Apps, and more.
    Manage multiple subscription types in site and control which content is behind your paywall with a single click. Process payments through Authorize.net and Paypal with the option to set up automatic subscription renewals.
    Classifieds engine
    Generate online classifieds revenue. Create your own pricing structure and options, and process payments through Authorize.net or Paypal. Upsell options include photos and featured placement. Low maintenance: users can either self-post ads or submit to a pending queue, and classifieds with set dates post and expire automatically.
    Create an online marketplace for your advertisers. Businesses can show their most recent print online in easily upsold micro-site pages. Features include premium placement, geolocation-based maps and directions, embedded video, interactive ads, and coupon. Maximize exposure with a HTML5 mobile site and embeddable widgets.
    Ads engine
    Newsletter engine
    Send newsletters to multiple recipient lists from your site control panel. Articles can be searched for and inserted into a custom-designed template. Preview newsletters in your browser and send with a click.
    SMS engine
    Send updates and alerts to mobile subscribers in site. Users can easily sign up and unsubscribe to SMS lists, and import options simplify updating lists all at once.
    Utilize your site content in a custom-branded mobile site. Content is formatted for mobile automatically with no double work. Fine tune the mobile experience with the abilities to order content of the mobile home page and hide individual article/blog pages or sections in mobile devices.
    Mobile Apps
    Take advantage of the built-in capabilities of your users' mobile devices. Options include apps for your digital edition, survey, events calendar and business directory, hybrid options, and more.
    Multiple Commenting Options
    Events and Places engine