1. Tablet Solution for Magazines
    The New Tablet Solution for Magazines is here at Wehaa
    A better way to transform print publications and online content for tablet devices means adapting content to the unique strengths of tablets in the most efficient way possible. Wehaa Digital Publishing is a complete solution for newspapers and magazine to create, distribute and monetize tablet distribution.
    Features and CSS specific to your needs create unique reading experiences
    Custom branding
    Take advantage of Newsstand's features and premium placement
    App in Newsstand
    No coding necessary
    Publications can be built quickly in hours, not weeks
    Immersive interactive content and multimedia engages readers
    Evocative reader experiences
    Uses the App Store subscription model
    Available for free or with subscription
    Easily add static, video, and HMTL5 advertising
    Additional revenue opportunities
    ...and built-in social media
    Share content via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
    About the Wehaa Publishing System
    Features of the Wehaa tablet platforms play to their strengths with eye-popping visuals and interactive elements.
    Enhance publications with photo galleries, videos, 360-degree rotation panoramas, and more
    Premium advertising
    Upsell to advertisers with interactive ads that incorporate video and HTML5
    Drag & drop technology
    Simply drop editorial and advertising content into the desired sequence
    Make changes in real time
    Edit page content and make your changes go live with the click of a button
    3 options for articles
    Import from your current site, import directly from a Wehaa Npaper Digital Edition built from your print pdf, or build articles in the CMS on the fly
    About Wehaa Services
    Wehaa's platform includes designing and developing the first publication as well as handling all aspects of the platform launch at no additional charge.
    Design and development of the first publication
    Upload of the publication to the iPad App Store and Newsstand
    Training your staff to upload new content and to maintain your publication
    Creation of the web landing page
    24/7 technical support
    Hosting your publication
    Services include