1. Survey Engine
    Build a Better Best Of
    We have a couple of theories about how a survey should work. Simple to take is a given, but what about simple to make? Does it build your subscriber database? Does it make you money, or make you cooler just for having it? We're talking about the things that make a survey system worth using.
    The nitty-gritty of it all
    Pick from multiple answer options to build the survey you (and your sales team) need. Make changes to live surveys in real time with no down time. Custom branding to match your existing site or go someplace new makes the survey truly yours. Design any survey from a nuts-and-bolts questionnaire to a hip, local Best Of.
    A site, mobile HMTL5 site, and iPhone/iPad app makes your survey available to everyone, everywhere. Voters can switch devices, pick up where they left off, and finalize their ballot once they're ready to commit.
    Serve ads in multiple locations
    Leaderboard (header & footer)
    Right column ads (Choose the number of positions and sizes that work for you)
    Generate revenue with ad targeting across devices, different surveys, down to specific question categories.
    Allow users to sign up for your newsletters or promotional offers .
    Export voter registration information for your records.
    Option to require voters to authenticate votes by email, minimizing junk emails.
    Review votes on site, then export to share your results (or declare your winners!)
    Voter Emails and Stats
    Here's a quick quiz
    When was the last time you thought a survey was cool? (Hint: Was it one of ours?)
    True or False, should creating and running a survey be hard?
    When taking a survey, would you rather...
    Sit locked to your desk with writing utensil and paper like you're taking a middle school math test.
    Download the app from iTunes and ponder your choices over several Starbucks sessions, a walk in the park, and a haircut.
    Switch willy-nilly between iPad, Android, Blackberry, your sister's iPod, dad's "trusty" PC, and back again just because you can.
    All of the above...even A, if you're traditional like that.