1. Mobile Apps
    iPhone, Android, Blackberry
    Take advantage of the built-in capabilities of your users' mobile devices and take your site content to the next level. All apps are monetizeable with optional advertising and paywall setup.
    Digital Edition
    Readers can download issues of your print publication for offline reader. Issues can be viewed in basic flip book format or read in text format with photos, links, and ads extracted and for the best reader experience. Content shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can be viewed on any device. (required Npaper account)
    Events and Places
    Geolocation, share, and call features make it simple to plan a night on the town while out on the town. Videos, photos, ratings, reviews, directions, and event and place details information are viewable in app, putting your entire calendar or directory in your reader's pocket. Monetize with featured listings and mobile advertising.
    Display your news content in phones and tablets next to mobile advertising. Take advantage of push notifications to send breaking news instantly to your readership.
    combine your digital edition with news and event feeds from your Wehaa or non-Wehaa site to create a premium experience that combines your print editions' curated content with up-to-the-minute online news and events. Readers flip back and forth seamlessly simply by rotating their device.
    put some or all content behind a subscriber paywall. Apps are an incredible perk for print subscribers, adding value to your product.
    Distance and Directions turns your directory and calendar content into a one-stop resource for readers looking for authoritative advice on where to go, what to do, and how to get there.
    Content shared from apps can be accessed from any device - desktop users open the corresponding page in your website - so your inbound traffic from shared links only grows.
    Social Media integration
    Low Maintenance
    Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
    Apps display your digital edition or site contents automatically. News apps have options for you to disable pages or sections that are unsuitable for or unneeded in your app.
    Depending on your needs, most apps are built for both phones and tablets. Apps can be submitted to iTunes App Store, Google Play, or both.
    All apps are your own and branded specifically to match your design needs. If you have your own developer account, apps can be uploaded under your name.
    Custom Branding