Sell SEO with confidence - we do all the work!  

SEO is constantly changing with multiple updates coming from Google every year.

Most businesses don’t know what’s outdated, what’s working and not working, and what actually moves the needle for better results.

Introducing Featured SEO  

To help media companies capitalize on this opportunity, Wehaa has developed a turn-key solution that allows you to sell custom keyword phrases to local businesses. The Featured SEO system will take those custom keywords and apply best practice methodology combined with your newspaper’s page rank and authority to deliver quick and amazing search results. Wehaa’s experienced digital team will constantly monitor the ever-changing landscape of the SEO world and adapt strategy accordingly.

Turn Key – Wehaa does all the work  

  Responsive across all mobile devices 

Instant Bottom-line Revenue  

What is a Featured Advertiser SEO Campaign?  

Your advertisers submit one or more keyword phrases to you. We apply those phrases to our proprietary SEO system and in a matter of days, they will appear at the top of Google search results for text and image searches

How Does It Work?  

Wehaa’s technology creates a dynamic footer for your site that contains your local advertiser’s keyword phrases. The Featured SEO system leverages the page rank and authority of your newspaper’s website combined with our proprietary search engine system to get amazing search results.
Your keyword phrases link back to advertisers' SEO rich business profiles. Each profile page contains critical content like a business overview, contact info, web links, Google driving directions, street map and more.
Videos are created for each page and uploaded to YouTube 
Users can share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, text and print. 
Wehaa also indexes images and videos giving your business top exposure across all types of searches
Add a new revenue stream to your marketing portfolio today with Featured SEO